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    Trade Cryptocurrencies, Stock Indices, Commodities and Forex from a single account.

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    With an ever growing list of investment opportunities, we stand out as your best partner.

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Global access

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As a company founded by internationally recognized industrial and academic researchers in IT security and cryptography, we offer you the best services from our experts


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With the evergrowing list of individuals trading with Analysis Market, it is safe to say trading with us gives peace of mind.


Financial strength

Fast, multi-device trading is our niche. That is why traders around the world choose us to turn their finannces around.


World Class Support

We have a handful of seasoned support personel available to assist clients resolve all queries they my have at no extra cost.

A broker you can Trust.

As a technology focused broker, we use the latest developments in the fintech industry to provide some of the most competitive pricing conditions; all available to our traders on desktop, mobile and tablet.


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